Milk is a highly complex food, a balanced system of proteins, fat, carbohydrates and salts. When milk is processed to make new products, one of the most important tasks is to maintain this balance. Our applications research team has developed functional systems for stabilising a host of different products based on milk that offer economic benefits and meet the demands of the production line.

A few examples of stablisers.



Cultured dairy products

Stabilising systems for yoghurt, sour cream, kefir, rashenka, labneh and laban. Fresh or thermized. Texturizing and viscosity adjustment; protective colloidal effect and prevention of syneresis.

Milk drinks

The Stabisol MSM hydrocolloid/milk protein compounds give flavoured milk drinks such as cocoa and foamed milk shakes the necessary stability, viscosity and creaminess and give shakes a fine, stable foam.

Puddings and desserts

Stabilising systems for pasteurized and UHT-treated desserts. Also for whipped products such as mousse and cream toppings. Texturizing, rheology and adjustment of processing viscosities; stabilising of foam and prevention of syneresis.


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