Enzyme technology as a core field of competence 

Muehlenchemie, our partner in Germany, has played a pioneering role in the production of flour additives. With an area of 3000 m2 the technology centre in Ahrensburg offers plenty of space and the technical equipment to work on individual, tailor-made solutions.

Solutions with added value are part of our successful corporate philosophy. Research into the baking properties of enzymes in conjunction with emulsifiers, oxidizing agents and other ingredients, with specific applications in mind, is an important basis for such solutions.

With brands like ALPHAMALT and POWERZYM, a pioneering solution in enzyme technology has been created for producing good bakers’ flour and homing baking flour as well as for bread and other baked products.

We offer the following products in our range. We will be pleased to work out an individual solution to meet your particular needs. Please contact us for further assistance.

Enzyme Systems:

amylases | hemicellulases | oxidases | proteases | bromate substitutes

Flour maturing and oxidizing agents:
ascorbic acid | other oxidizing agents | bleaching agents

Other flour improvers:
lecithin | malt flours | dough softeners | acidity regulators