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BIO Consult Limited

Bio Consult Ltd is a consultancy firm specializing in three major areas namely the grain milling and related sector, dairy equipment and renewable energy.

The directors of the company are Binoy Zachariah a grain milling engineer with over 25 years experience in various countries including Germany, Luxembourg, Kenya and Tanzania and Dr Herbert Henrich who currently resides and operates a branch of the company in Franschhoek near Cape Town. Dr Henrich has over 45 years of experience in project consultancy and has installed processing plants ranging from fibres to textiles, from cereals to flour, and from oil seeds to edible oils to detergents. Originally from Germany, Dr Henrich has lived in Ethiopia and Kenya before settling down in the Western Cape Province where he spends much of his time on renewable energy projects, mainly based on cultivating giant bamboo as feedstock to mitigate our hydro carbon dependency.

Previously operating as Chefima Ltd, Bio Consult has set up various industrial processing plants in East Africa and in-house expertise includes process design, trouble shooting and providing technical solutions in the respective sectors mentioned above.

Bio Consult is partnering with the Stern-Wywiol Group, which is based in Ahrensburg, Germany and offers a wide variety of support and products in different fields. 11 specialist firms are operate under the umbrella of Stern-Wywiol Group, such as M├╝hlenchemie for flour improvers, Deutsche Back for solutions at the bakers end, Stern Vitamin for vitamin premixes and Hydrosol for stabiliser just to mentioned a few.

Together with our partners in Germany, we have a wealth of experience and know-how related to the benefits and actual use of our Active Ingredients.

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